Sammy and “Le Grand Buffet”

An American in Paris, Sammy is woken by a phone call from his boss who asks that he get to work preparing the restaurant for the evening's Grand Buffet. He does his best to follow the list of instructions but . . . it's not easy being Sammy. Forty magic, music and accident-filled minutes later, two audience members are invited onstage to partake of the Grand Buffet served by our hero.

Running Time: 45 minutes

Minimum set-up time (for festivals): 15 minutes

What People Say...

“Jonathan Mirin delighted our young audience with Sammy and Le Grand Buffet.  It was wonderful to see children engage with him onstage, and learn a little French as a bonus!” - Shannon Mayers, Director, Redfern Arts Center, Keene, NH

"Jonathan Mirin brings a unique approach to theater, mixing storytelling with clowning, juggling and lots of foolishness meant to entertain children of all ages . . . part of the charm is the pure joy he expresses throughout and the gentle kindness with which he engages the children . . ." - Ellen Blanchette, Montague Reporter

“ . . . engaged children and had them up on their feet dancing and participating. A great take for young kids and families alike.” - Danielle Olsen, Summer in the City Producer, Cambridge Arts Council

"I loved the show and thought your performance was grand . . . totally charming." - Carmela Lanza-Weil, Producer, Fabulous February Fringe Festival

A Review from our New York Fringe Festival Run:

"A charming children’s show about an American clown in Paris . . . Taking its name from an Indian word for “joy,” the Swiss-American Piti Theatre Company’s aim is simple: to delight audiences and artists alike . . . Piti lives up to this mission, as its clownish protagonist conquers clumsiness and language barriers to make us smile . . . Sammy thrives on audience interaction . . . it’s refreshing to have a space where youthful silliness and self-expression can run free." – Theatre is Easy

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Informations sur Sammy en français

Combine Sammy with Clowning Workshops!

Jonathan Mirin of PiTi Theater performs in the Orange Town Hall.    February 23, 2017.

"Jonathan offered two clowning workshops to our ensemble of young actors ages 8-18. I think all people, young and old, experienced and novice should take a clowning class with Jonathan Mirin. While offering a structured class, he knows how to unlock that sense of pure play and the results are amazing."
- Suzanne Rubinstein, Director, Young Shakespeare Players East

Curriculum Tie-ins with "Sammy in School"

Topics Jonathan can cover in a post show Q&A or that elementary school teachers can integrate before/after include:

  • If students at your elementary school study a foreign language, students can identify with Sammy’s struggles to understand French.
  • “body language” (how do we communicate non-verbally, what are ways we know how someone is feeling without words, etc.)
  • humor/comedy (what is the difference between a comedy and a tragedy, how do actors or writers make us laugh, what is the difference between laughing “with someone” or “at someone”, humor as a tool for bringing people together, de-escalating tensions, etc.).
  • Acting workshops are available before/after the performance. If the workshop is held before the show, there is the possibility of students participating in the performance as guests at the Grand Buffet. These students would be fulfilling MA curriculum standards for performing arts participation.

Critics respond to Jonathan's previous two solo performances

Jonathan Mirin performing in "Riding the Wave"
Jonathan Mirin performing in "Riding the Wave"

Riding the

Nominated twice for "Best Solo Show" by the Independent Reviewers of New England

“There are very funny moments in Riding the Mirin is a performer with energy to burn.”
– Kwesi Cameron,


“A manic primer on the old saws of investing…”
– Danny Hakin, “For a Reformed Wavoid, the Play’s the Thing”, The New York Times


“Jonathan Mirin has written a play for our time…could be Silicon Valley’s poet laureate.”
– Mike Cassidy, “Playwright Brings Stock Plight to Stage”, San Jose Mercury News

(ALLSTON, MA  2/6/10)
Writer and actor Jonathan Mirin performs his solo show about life with Crons Disease at the Boston Playwrights' Theater.
(ALLSTON, MA 2/6/10) Writer and actor Jonathan Mirin performs his solo show about life with Crons Disease at the Boston Playwrights' Theater. PHOTO BY BEAR CIERI


“Mirin manages to find comedy in his struggle as he bounces between 20 different characters during this celebrated hourlong production.”

- Boston Magazine, “7 Events Worth Your Time This Month”


"There's nothing funny about chronic illness....yet a little bit of laughter might just be a dose of the best medicine. Operating within the boundaries defined by those two sentiments is Jonathan Mirin, armed with his poignant and very funny one-man show."

- Jon Potter, Brattleboro Reformer