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Production Requirements: Sound system and a minimum 20' wide by 15' deep playing space where the audience can see the stage floor.

Potential venues are invited to request a DVD & press pack.

Email: booking"at"ptco.org

Brooklyn, 1998: After a stock tip about tech company Wave Systems, Jonathan Mirin's life as a young actor turns upside down. From falling in love in Switzerland to living with Sudanese refugees in Athens to an overland pilgrimage towards India, he rides a financial and spiritual wave in this autobiographical tragi-comedy nominated for 2004 & 2008 Independent Reviewers of New England Awards for "Best Solo Performance, Small Company."

Despite living in New York in the late 90's, Mirin had never seriously considered investing - primarily because he assumed it required money to invest. But after receiving a tip from a "Wavoid" (a member of the online chatroom community who would help propel Wave's stock from less than a dollar to $50), he decided to bet $400 on Wave. By the spring of 2000, his portfolio had soared.

What do you do after you lose everything? Westerners of a particular stripe have had one consistent answer since the '60's: travel to India in search of enlightenment.

Riding the Wave.com condenses three tumultuous years into a one hour tale of the greed, fear, and hope which drove the tech boom. The audience is guided through multiple settings with the aid of two benches, a stool, and theatre's imaginative possibilities.


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"A manic primer on the old saws of investing..." - Danny Hakin, "For a Reformed Wavoid, the Play's the Thing", The New York Times

"Jonathan Mirin has written a play for our time...could be Silicon Valley's poet laureate." - Mike Cassidy, "Playwright Brings Stock Plight to Stage", San Jose Mercury News

"There are very funny moments in Riding the Wave.com. Mirin is a performer with energy to burn." - Kwesi Cameron, NyTheatre.com, Read the whole review

"And in a year when solo performances have been hard to find, Riding the Wave.com came along. Tall, stringy, athletic Jonathan Mirin wrote and performed this saga of addiction to the Stock Market in competition with spiritual insights found on the slopes of the Himalayas. He used circles and words and stock-quotations chalked on the floor of the tall little back theatre at Boston Playwrights' and hopped and skipped through an admitted journey from purchase of ten shares to paper-profits to margins to bankruptcy. Mirin wisely had Jason Grossman direct him, and that outside eye (and Haddon Kime's subtle sound-track) made the financial and spiritual mountains scaled certainly worth the journey." - Larry Stark, TheaterMirror.com

"Mirin took his HBS audience on a rollercoaster ride through the boom and bust of the late 90's internet era...in the end this was a story about a man - every man - consumed by greed and illusions. An apt story for those of us riding our own waves - searching for a quick returns in our job searches and careers." - Cindy Ko, "Riding the Wave.com: Mirin's One Man Show Connect to HBS", The Harbus (Harvard Business School Independent Student Weekly)