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Inspired by Jonathan Mirin's 20 year battle with Crohn's disease, 28 FEET is a comedic, emotional journey about getting sick, getting better, and growing up. The performance blends 18+ characters, live music, puppetry, clowning, stand-up comedy, and an original sound design. 28 FEET has toured nationally and internationally to critical and audience acclaim since its 2010 premiere.

If you enjoyed 28 FEET "on demand", you may also enjoy Jonathan's 1st solo "Riding the Wave.com"


28 FEET has been performed at theatres, universities, museums, medical conferences and companies.

Minimum suggested playing space: 17' wide x 12' deep.

Inquiries: booking"at"ptco.org or call tour coordinator Laura Josephs at (508) 439 - 2069.

"Mirin manages to make the story universal, not just his own...a warm and winning chronicle about self-knowledge, growth, and the complex quest for health."

- Jules Becker, The Jewish Advocate

"Mirin's account of the trip isn't depressing or gross or sentimental. It's leavened with jokes, music, whimsy, even romance..."

- Chris Rohman, The Valley Advocate

"...Feel free to laugh and cry. He's telling his life story, and it extends beyond dealing with Crohn's. He's lived a very interesting life...This is hardly a medical journey taking place on stage...A clown appears in a segment. Mirin's time as a New York standup comic takes a life of its own...emboldened by courage, talent, vision, and a wife named Godelieve. Jonathan Mirin has a lot to say. And he doesn't hold back."

- Lenny Megloila, Metrowest Daily News

"Exuberant energy."

- Stephanie Santana, Allston Brighton TAB

(ALLSTON, MA  2/6/10)
Writer and actor Jonathan Mirin performs his solo show about life with Crons Disease at the Boston Playwrights' Theater.
(ALLSTON, MA  2/6/10)
Writer and actor Jonathan Mirin performs his solo show about life with Crons Disease at the Boston Playwrights' Theater.

"Mirin manages to find comedy in his struggle as he bounces between 20 different characters during this celebrated hourlong production."  

- Boston Magazine, "7 Events Worth Your Time This Month"

"There's nothing funny about chronic illness....yet a little bit of laughter might just be a dose of the best medicine. Operating within the boundaries defined by those two sentiments is Jonathan Mirin, armed with his poignant and very funny one-man show."

- Jon Potter, Brattleboro Reformer

"..I wondered why so many people came to see a one-man, 60 minute, one act autobiographical play about a 38 year old living with Crohn's disease...instead of avoiding his lifelong illness, Mirin embraces it...[he] possesses a gleeful, sprightly, childlike, sincere energy as he cavorts through his childhood.."

- Sheila Barth, East Boston Times - Free Press

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Angels: Prometheus Labs, UCB Pharmaceuticals

Producers: Art Angels of Western Massachusetts

Directors: Cramer Productions, McLean Hospital

Designers: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Friends: Cameron, Inc., Joyce Ferriabough-Bolling

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