Piti Theatre offers educational opportunities for children and adults, executives and artists.

Choreography & Dance

Do you love to dance, have choreographic ideas or want to learn about how to create dances?!?

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Valley Playwright Mentoring

A theatre program for teens with stories to tell & things to say!

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Elementary Residencies

We work with teachers and administrators to custom-fit our programs to complement what's happening in the classroom.

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Middle & High School Residencies

We believe participation in the performing arts enlarges teenager's repertoire as learners, team members and leaders.

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Workshops for Organizations

Farmer James has lost his bees, there's only gruel to eat and now the townspeople (the audience) have arrived to protest, chanting "There's no good food, we're in a bad mood!"

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Valley Arts Mentors

Providing new artists with the opportunity to work with experienced mentors, create a referral network, and foster resource sharing.


Intern with us!

Here at Piti, we believe youth have incredible, often undervalued talent. All internships are driven by you, and what you want to be learning.

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Theater Workshop Testimonials

Acting for Playwrights

"It was great to find how physicality could feed the creative mind for writing. The specifics with my own characters were incredibly helpful."
- Heather Houston, Graduate Student in Playwriting, Boston University

"It made me look at my work from a different perspective and showed me how I could use acting to develop character-driven action."
- John Greiner-Ferris, Graduate Student in Playwriting, Boston University

Writing/Performing Autobiography

"Great! I definitely made connections between creative writing and telling a story onstage. . ."
- Joanna Wright, student, Swarthmore College

Writing Funny

"Amazingly helpful . . . I feel reinvigorated about writing and also how my unique writing fits into the spectrum of comedy. Thank you."
- Ruby Fox, Solo Performer

Writing the 10 Minute Play

"Excellent . . . changed the way I write."
- Al Mangiatti, Teacher/Playwright

Teen Theatre Troupe, Orange MA

"I am Candace Cross, the Children's Librarian at the Wheeler Memorial Library where I work with a group of teenage thespians. So far this group has written three original plays and is working on its fourth. I feel strongly that this group would not have been as successful or lasted as long without the expert input of Jonathan Mirin and Piti Theatre. I have no experience coaching or staging theatre and would not have been able to stick with these projects without the support of Piti Theatre. Since 2011 the longstanding collaboration with Piti Theatre has encouraged the teens and myself."

- Candace Lee Cross, former Children's Librarian, Wheeler Memorial Library, Orange