Syrup Festival
Shelburne Falls, MA


Piti's much loved sweet festival will return in spring of 2022 as a re-invented hybrid event in collaboration with Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association!

The theme in 2022 will be our region's local history. We will be creating a series of music videos and scenes with a troupe of children and adults from Franklin County. The content will include material from our acclaimed "Your Town" performances about Olde Coleraine, Charlemont, Hawley, Heath, Buckland, Shelburne, Greenfield and other regional locations.

We will also stream the new online version of "To Bee or Not to Bee" followed by live Q&A with the artists and beekeepers.

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Buckland's own Janice Sorensen reacts to previous festivals and offers a preview of our 8th Annual Festival.

What People Say about Piti Youth Troupe Productions

"I saw 'Olde Coleraine' at Riverfest in Shelburne Falls, MA, and was so facinated, moved and impressed - the MUSIC was amazing and so sweet, with the children singing, and the subject matter was near and dear to my heart having grown up along-side a river . . . I actually cried - really enjoyed it!"- Shauna Lynn, Shelburne Falls

“We loved watching the show; our children loved being part of it.” – C.W., Shelburne Falls

"Our daughter used to be shy but being in Youth Troupe has helped bring her out of her shell. Now she's comfortable speaking in front of groups." - D.G., Shelburne Falls

"Piti Theatre and Carrie Ferguson's album is one of our favorite car-ride soundtracks! We love listening and singing along. It's so rare to find kid's music that grown ups can enjoy too, even after hearing it for the umpteenth time:) We love it!" – Elizabeth M., Shelburne Falls


Jonathan Mirin of PiTi Theater performs in the Orange Town Hall.    February 23, 2017.
“ . . . engaged children and had them up on their feet dancing and participating. A great take for young kids and families alike.” - Danielle Olsen, Summer in the City Producer, Cambridge Arts Council

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Door & Raffle Prizes

RAFFLE GRAND PRIZE: 2 Boston Red Sox Tix


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Goulds’ Sugar House

Shaw's Sugarhouse

Mo's Fudge Factor: maple candy + raw honey


This program  is supported in part by grants from the Buckland, Shelburne, and Heath Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. This program is also supported by the Mass Cultural Council's Festivals Program.

Special Thanks to the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association