Intern with Us!

Here at Piti, we believe youth have incredible, often undervalued talent. We want to do all we can to support your individual talents. All internships are driven by you, and what you want to be learning.

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And the best part? We'll pay you!

Previous Intern Projects

  • Helped write and edit our scripts
  • Done research on increasing our accessibilty
  • Worked with our VPM kids
  • Become outreach coordinators to book our shows
  • Sat in on all our important meetings to learn what goes into making a nonprofit theatre company work
  • Suggested changes to the way we present shows during COVID and then helped make it happen
  • Assisted in screening and applying for grants
  • Updated and re-worked our website
  • Sent emails to our subscribers about upcoming events
  • Been part of our productions

"My time with Piti Theatre was such a positive learning experience. I came away feeling much more confident in my own abilities and with lots of new skills! [The staff] are truly amazing people, and will help you with anything you want to learn about. They make sure you are at the center, doing things that will actually help you later in your career. Their positive energy radiates through everything they do, and you can tell their work has made a difference in people's lives. I highly recommend working with them, and am so thankful they took a chance on me!"
- Kate Niemiec, Smith College, 2020, Theatre Major, Directing Focus

Kate Connected with us at the UMASS Arts Extension Service Internship Fair