Salmon Falls

Or: The Past, Present, and Future of the Deerfield River


An interactive theatrical event where audience members ages 5 and up are invited to help us tell the Deerfield River’s story with movement, song, and story telling. Our tale features dinosaurs, salmon, snapping turtles, and the River itself.

Our Aim

  • To educate the younger generation about our local waterways


We are currently booking performances at theatres, elementary schools, and pre-schools.

Production Requirements: Minimum 20′ wide by 15′ deep indoor or outdoor playing space – raised stage not required.

Length: 30 minutes plus pre-performance actor preparation workshop (1 hour for schools, 15 minutes for general public)

Thank You Sponsors

TransCanada Corporation

Sacred Birth Midwifery

Mother Herb Diaper Service

South River Miso Company

Greenfield Radio Shack


“I have been impressed with the ambition and artistic integrity of their performances…” – Leo Hwang-Carlos, Associate Dean of Humanities, Greenfield Community College

“I saw the Piti Theatre Company’s production of Salmon Falls at Riverfest 2009 in Shelburne Falls. I was greatly impressed with the content of the play and the way the company was able to get the children, some of whom had not practiced this before, to act out the history and functions of the river. I know that these children understood what they were portraying and that the experience will stick with them for many years. I think it was understandable to the spectators also. In one word, it was perfect.” – Polly Bartlett, Board of Directors, Deerfield River Watershed Association

“Young, talented, happy, passionate, and funny…Piti may also be one of the most fun companies around..Their most recent production was Salmon Falls, which premiered at Shelburne Falls’ Riverfest in June. Reflecting Riverfests’ theme of the past, present, and future of the Deerfield River, it uses movement, song, and story telling to trace the geology and history of the river from the Big Bang to the present.” – Tinky Weisblat, “Spreading Happiness”, Greenfield Recorder

“Our students and staff very much enjoyed Piti Theatre’s Salmon Falls. The group’s inclusion of our own students into the performance is a very effective technique. Our students in the audience are especially attentive as they watch their classmates perform, and the performers bring back even more learning to the class as a follow-up. Our teachers noticed so many connections to our science, social studies, and of course, ELA state curriculum frameworks. What an enjoyable way for us all to learn.” – Margaret Riddle, Principal, R.K.Finn Ryan Road Elementary School, Florence, MA

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