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Selected Press

Riding the

The New York Times 

“A manic primer on the old saws of investing…” – Danny Hakim, “For a Reformed Wavoid, the Play’s the Thing”

San Jose Mercury News

“Jonathan Mirin has written a play for our time . . . [he] . . . could be Silicon Valley’s Poet Laureate.”     – Mike Cassidy, “Playwright Brings Stock Plight to Stage”

“There are very funny moments in Riding the Mirin is a performer with energy to burn.”      – Kwesi Cameron

Elmer and the Elder Tree

” . . . [an] artful, arboreal fable which teaches children about nature— while it’s capturing their imaginations . . . The charming tale is conceived and performed by Mirin and Richard against a magical backdrop of gorgeous butterflies, gleaming mushrooms, and colorful beetles (and wonderfully noisy, evocative music) . . .”– Beverly Creasey, “Branching Out”, Read the Whole Review

Workshop Testimonials

Acting for Playwrights

“It was great to find how physicality could feed the creative mind for writing. The specifics with my own characters were incredibly helpful.”
– Heather Houston, Graduate Student in Playwriting, Boston University

“It made me look at my work from a different perspective and showed me how I could use acting to develop character-driven action.”
– John Greiner-Ferris, Graduate Student in Playwriting, Boston University

Writing Funny

“Amazingly helpful . . . I feel reinvigorated about writing and also how my unique writing fits into the spectrum of comedy. Thank you.”
– Ruby Fox, Solo Performer

Writing the 10 Minute Play

“Excellent . . . changed the way I write.”
– Al Mangiatti, Teacher/Playwright

The Vision Workshop

“Extremely useful – [made me] think about organizational dynamics in new ways.”
– Joan Whitaker, Director, Action for Boston Community Development Health Services

“. . . helped me experience daily encounters in new, surprising ways.”
– Gaella Elwell, Co-Owner and Founder, South River Miso Company

Writing/Performing Autobiography

“Great! I definitely made connections between creative writing and telling a story onstage. . .”
– Joanna Wright, student, Swarthmore College

Organizational Development & Theatre

“Jonathan brings a rare combination of gifts: theater arts, meditation, organization behavior, and just plain common sense . . . [he] has written plays and scenarios dramatically illuminating organizational issues. He did a great service to me in the professional direction he gave to my play Peace.
– Barry Oshry, Chief Theoretical Officer, Power and Systems