New school residency about immigration featured in the Hampshire Gazette

Shelburne’s Piti Theatre Company and 44 fourth and fifth graders from Hilltown Cooperative Charter School in Easthampton presented “Immigration Stories” a new play about immigration to America from Europe at the turn of the 20th century that the students have created with Piti Theatre’s Artistic Director Jonathan Mirin over the last two months.

The play follows the stories of immigrants from their departure in their home countries, leaving for reasons of war or economic hardship to a perilous journey by land and sea until finally arriving in Ellis Island with the hopes of being admitted to the U.S. Those lucky enough to arrive in New York City are then seen adjusting to new lives in schools where they don’t speak english, facing discrimination and celebrating with members of their community in their adopted country.
This series of scenes and songs address many of the same issues immigrants are facing today. Funding for the residency/performance was provided by Mass Cultural Council’s STARS program.
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