Gonna Have a Boston Tea Party

The 250th Anniversary of the Tea Party is coming up on December 16! The same day that our song about the event will be featured in a preview showing of our latest local history-themed movie at the Garden Cinema in Greenfield at 11 am. Learn more about the Great Greenfield DinoFest on December 16 - 17, 2023.

But you will still have plenty of time to get to Boston for the re-enactment events that evening.

"Piti Theatre's album is one of our favorite car-ride soundtracks! We love listening and singing along. It's so rare to find kid's music that grown ups can enjoy too, even after hearing it for the umpteenth time:) We love it!"

– Elizabeth Morgan, Shelburne Falls MA

Piti Theatre's music is available on Bandcamp! Just click on the images below . . .

But our album "Greatest Bits, Vol. 1" is also available on platforms like Spotify.

Songs from "To Bee or Not to Bee"
Songs from "Dexter and the Dinosaurs"

Commission a Song

Piti Theatre's Jonathan Samuel Mirin and Carrie Ferguson are a songwriting team that have developed a catalog of catchy songs about magnets and bees, geology and eagles, spring & the earth, public health & personal health . . . humorous and/or heartfelt, Carrie & Jon take requests and accept commissions from organizations and individuals. Looking for an unusual gift or an inspiring tool for your organization?

Contact us: music"at"

"My co-teacher and I have had Lend me Your Glasses practically on repeat in our classroom and in our cars over the past couple weeks and they said something to me the other day like, "I feel like if our politicians could just listen to this song we'd have a better world." We've both had moments where your song brought us to tears, actually more like to full on sobbing seshs . . ."

– Erin Scanlon


In 2012, Piti Theatre began their first collaboration with Northampton singer-songwriter Carrie Ferguson for the performance "To Bee or Not to Bee." Carrie quickly became Piti's musician-in-residence and has collaborated on 5 subsequent projects as a performer and composer, including the touring production "Innocenzo" and the "mini-musicals" for elementary schools "Olde Coleraine", "Grandpa Magnet", "This is Your Rock", and "The Time Capsule." The songs from "Innocenzo" and "To Bee or Not to Bee", with lyrics by Jonathan Mirin, have been translated into French and enjoyed by thousands of children and families in Switzerland where Piti is based part of the year. Swiss singer-songwriter Nathanaël Morier tours with Piti in Europe.

In 2014, the collaboration was honored to receive a grant from ClubPassim's Iguana Fund to create a "greatest hits" CD from this rich collection of songs.

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Jonathan Mirin, Godelieve Richard and Carrie Ferguson rehearing To Bee Or Not To Bee Sunday afternoon in Mirin's and Richard's home in Shelburn.
Jonathan Mirin, Godelieve Richard and Carrie Ferguson rehearing To Bee Or Not To Bee Sunday afternoon in Mirin's and Richard's home in Shelburn.