To Bee or Not to Bee podcast + Sammy and Hawaii 5G premieres at the Toronto Fringe Collective!

As part of our Piti To Go series, we have a new To Bee or Not to Bee podcast premiering at the Toronto Fringe Collective July 4 – 6.

Preview the podcast here:

Piti has two more pieces up in Acts 3 & 4 of the Festival:

July 7 – 9: Sammy and “Le Grand Buffet”: Making up Problems is a video from the world of Piti’s solo clown performance which encourages all ages to create (and solve!) their own physical comedy “problems” using common objects found around the house.

July 10 – 12: Hawaii 5G: This is the first episode of a new Piti podcast series geared for ages 16+ inspired by the television series Hawaii Five-0 and the roll-out of 5G wireless infrastructure with no safety testing. The solo show culminating a year’s worth of podcasts will premiere at the Ko Festival of Performance in Amherst next summer. Check out the show’s predecessor, “Canary in Gold Mine

Hawaii 5G episodes will be posted on this site as they are released.

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Download the BeeSources PDF prepared for the Toronto Premiere