Instructions for submitting comment re FCC Public Notice – STREAMLINING DEPLOYMENT OF SMALL CELL INFRASTRUCTURE

Follow These Instructions to Make Comments:
1. Click on this link: ECFS
2. Click on “Submit a Filing” Tab at the top of the page
3. Click on “Express a Comment” (on top of the page) to just make a comment or “Standard Filing” to attach documents (one of which can be your comment).
4. Simply type in 16-421 into the “Proceedings” Field and make sure it is accurately displayed in the window, a drop down menu will appear choose Docket No: 16-421
Note: Make sure you click ENTER after you type in the Docket number and after you type in your name otherwise you won’t be able to submit your filing.
5. Fill out all required fields and click “Enter” or “Return” before you go to the next field. 
6. Once all fields are filled out – click continue screen.
7. Review and submit.
8. Make sure you write down your confirmation # so that you can check on your submission.
Please emphasize safe alternatives. Please use specific evidence for supporting your views. Please include specific symptoms and experiences you have had. You may want to comment on excerpts below:
In particular, many wireless providers are deploying small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS)…..they must be deployed more densely – i.e., in many more locations – to function effectively. ..This trend in infrastructure deployment is expected to continue, and even accelerate, as wireless providers begin rolling out 5G services.4″ (Page 1)
DAS Nodes can be placed “on light stanchions, utility poles, building walls and rooftops, and other small structures either on private property or in the public rights of way” (Page 4 Footnotes)
“It is our responsibility to ensure that this deployment of network facilities does not become subject to delay caused by unnecessarily time-consuming and costly siting review processes that may be in conflict with the Communications Act.”
(Page 2)
 “Section 332 also provides that state and local governments may not deny wireless facilities siting applications “on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions,” a matter over which the Commission has exclusive jurisdiction.36″(Page 6)