Hawaii Five-G: Canary in the Gold Mine

Hawaii Five-G was sparked by the appearance of mysterious symptoms, as performer Jonathan Mirin’s partner became increasingly sickened by electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), a.k.a. “microwave sickness.” As her condition worsened, Mirin found himself compelled to become a public health advocate, activist & petitioner in a landmark legal case against the FCC.

The production is highly theatrical and employs many of the tricks and techniques theatre makers have been devising in this COVID-driven age of “Zoom Theatre.” Desperate to make theatre during the pandemic, Mirin raids his son’s Lego stash and creates a series of appropriately tiny Hawaii Five-O sets. His parody of the hit 70’s crime series is an eco-justice drama called Hawaii Five-G. The pandemic Lego movie goes viral, bringing nations together to re-imagine a future where even Monsanto re-structures as a non-profit. When faced with impossible odds, can humor, love and pieces of interlocking plastic prevent catastrophe?

Mirin’s mockumentary is like theatre…but flatter, turning what could be an earnest public health lecture into a fun and compelling dive into the opposing forces of corporate profit vs. public safety.

"Very funny . . . Mirin is a performer with energy to burn." – nytheatre.com


H5G Creative Team

Writer/Performer: Jonathan Mirin

Director: Deanna Fleysher

Sound Design: Florian Staab

Videography: Hannah Brookman

Reactions to H5G's beta-test titled simply "Canary in the Gold Mine" and toured in Western Canada in 2019:

"Truly insightful! Jonathan introduces a crucial conversation . . . A welcome comedic relief . . . " - Nichola Lake, Boulder

"I had never heard of wireless causing health effects and this show was a great introduction to the issue. I'm going to look into ways to protect myself." - Rhonda W., Greenfield, MA

"Canary in the Gold Mine raises significant health concerns which most of us may be unaware of as we rush headlong into a 5G world. Jonathan Mirin is an engaging performer who addresses these issues while keeping his audience entertained." - John Peet, Regina, Canada

Hawaii 5G Tour Schedule

Ko Festival of Performance
November 12 - 14
Web World Premiere | get tickets>

Newton Free Library
December 7, 7 pm
Newton, MA | Tickets available in October

Jonathan's previous solos 28 FEET and Riding the Wave.com have toured nationally and internationally to critical acclaim.

The performance can be combined with:

  • a "Your Town" podcast series exploring the historical tension between technology/development and public health in your community
  • talkback with Jonathan and/or experts in the field designed to encourage collective reflection on the themes of the show
  • a storytelling workshop led by Jonathan designed to help environmental illness sufferers, medical professionals, caregivers, journalists and others craft more impactful presentations for politicians, the media, the telecom industry, and your community.

Goals for this performance...


Create a safe space for the audience to experience emotions around environmental illness that have not been fully expressed or understood.


Increase community engagement and advocacy: the show will help put a human face on what can feel like a dizzying array of statistics and diagnoses.


Generate media coverage: Journalists have consistently addressed issues like EMF and pesticides through the lens of Piti Theatre performances. Piti's work has been featured in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, The International Herald Tribune, The San Jose Mercury News and many regional and local publications, TV stations, blogs, etc.


Fringe Theatre Festivals

Canandian Fringe Festivals

Regina International Fringe Theatre Festival
Regina, Saskatchewan
July 10–July 14, 2019

Calgary Fringe Festival
Calgary, Alberta
August 2–August 10, 2019

Sample Poster
Sample Poster

Hosting a Performance

Piti Theatre is booking dates now for remote Hawaii Five-G performances beginning in September, 2021.

If you have any questions about the production, contact us using the form below or call (508) 439–2069.

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Reviews & Reactions to previous solos 28 FEET and Riding the Wave.com

“Mirin manages to find comedy in his struggle as he bounces between 20 different characters during this celebrated hourlong production.”

– Boston Magazine, “7 Events Worth Your Time This Month”

“There’s nothing funny about chronic illness….yet a little bit of laughter might just be a dose of the best medicine. Operating within the boundaries defined by those two sentiments is Jonathan Mirin, armed with his poignant and very funny one-man show.”

– Jon Potter, Brattleboro Reformer

"Very funny . . . Mirin is a performer with energy to burn."

— nytheatre.com

“Mirin manages to make the story universal, not just his own…a warm and winning chronicle about self-knowledge, growth, and the complex quest for health.”

– Jules Becker, The Jewish Advocate

On Jonathan's Workshops

“I particularly enjoyed the work on body language, details and ways we can adjust a story for an audience.”

– Dan Bahls, Staff Attorney, Community Legal Aid, Springfield, Massachusetts

“Extremely useful – [made me] think about organizational dynamics in new ways.”

- Joan Whitaker, Director, Action for Boston Community Development Health Services

“Jonathan brings a rare combination of gifts: theater arts, meditation, organization behavior, and just plain common sense . . . [he] has written plays and scenarios dramatically illuminating organizational issues.”

- Barry Oshry, Chief Theoretical Officer, Power and Systems

About Jonathan Mirin

Jonathan Mirin’s plays have been performed in New York, regionally and internationally.

His performance in Riding the Wave.com was nominated for a 2004 and 2008 Independent Reviewers of New England for Best Solo Performance, Small Company.

His solo performance about growing up with Crohn's disease, 28 FEET, was widely acclaimed by audiences and critics.

In 2014, he launched Piti Theatre's Bee Week program, promoting pollinator health and wireless reduction efforts in communities around New England.

Jonathan has integrated his theatre background with training and consulting work for The Central Park Conservancy, Power & Systems, European Organization Design Forum, the New York City Public Schools, World Education, and other organizations.