Residency and To Bee Performances in Greenfield, June 21 – 26

Be Part of the Buzz: Catch the Last Performances of To Bee or Not to Bee‘s First Tour!

Piti Theatre Company’s new musical about honeybees in crisis is coming to Greenfield Energy Park on Sunday, June 24th at 11 am for a free performance.

Can’t make it? See it live in Greenfield Community Television’s Studio on Tuesday, June 26th at 6 pm.

The Greenfield performances are preceded by a 3 day residency at Greenfield Public Library. Schedule below.

Residency Schedule at Greenfield Public Library

Thursday, June 21: Story Theatre, 3 – 5 pm  for ages 6 and up – Turn a storybook into a play. Bring characters to life with Jonathan Mirin and Kay Lyons to help you learn how

Friday, June 22: Page to Stage Playwriting Workshop, 3 – 4 pm for ages 7 and up – Create characters, dialogue, setting – everything you need for a play and then watch it happen . . 

Friday, June 22: Creative Movement, 4 – 5 pm for ages 6 and up – for everyone who loves to move!

Saturday, June 23: Rehearsal/Workshop for To Bee or Not to Bee, 10 -12 pm  – ages 7 and up who are available to perform the next morning – Have fun and get ready to be in the performance of To Bee or Not to Bee on Sunday, 6/24 at the Energy Park, 11 am