Our Next Show, Electrosmog and Swiss Harmony

By Jonathan Mirin

About three years ago, my wife and Piti Theatre Company production partner Godeliève Richard became mysteriously ill. She was continuously dizzy with heaviness and tingling in her limbs, weakness, difficulty thinking, poor coordination and sometimes felt like she was losing her mind.

The good news thanks to some very lucky referrals – is that today she is much better. It turns out she had parasites and Lyme disease, but the source of the worst symptoms was electrohypersensitivity or EHS. EHS is a physiological condition characterized by neurological and immunological symptoms upon or following exposure to electric or magnetic fields (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) found everywhere today from sources such as cell phones, your computer’s airport, cordless phones, wireless speakers and other electronic devices. With all the environmental and food industry concerns to worry about, the fact that we are now all bathing in higher and higher levels of electromagnetic radiation, usually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is not something we want to think about.

But people like my wife are suffering the costs directly and intensely, while  many others suffer to a lesser degree. We are functioning at less than our capacity, feeling tired, our chronic illnesses aren’t getting better, cancer rates are increasing, etc. Children (in the womb and out) and the elderly are among the most vulnerable, along with those who are ill. But . . . what can you do about it ?

We’ve discovered you can do quite a lot and I have included some informational websites at the end of this article. The World Health Organization has placed cell phone use in the same cancerogenic category as lead, chloroform and engine exhaust. Our personal conclusion is that the danger is intense and not limited simply to cancer and cellphones.

On the hopeful side, the most dramatic improvement for Godeliève was when a man came to our apartment in Switzerland and placed a small rectangular box filled with ground quartz on our fusebox. His name is Richard Neubersch and he is the founder/inventor behind a father-son company called Swiss Harmony. We feel that his invention can be of service to many people and are excited to be bringing his son Neel here from England from April 24 – 29, including a public talk at Green Fields Market, 144 Main St. in Greenfield MA on Wednesday, April 24 at 6 pm. He will also be at the Amherst Sustainability Festival on the Amherst Town Common on April 27.

In Neel’s words, “participants will learn about the influence that high frequency electrical emissions can have on them, and the illnesses that they can lead to. It will be made clear to them how the mechanics, involved with the ‘law of resonance’ and ‘law of attraction’ work and how that ties in with the Swiss Harmony technology. They will receive simple tips and tricks on how to reduce their exposure to these high frequencies and steps that everybody can follow to help themselves.”

Neel’s time here is very limited. He will be installing Swiss Harmony in  homes and businesses and giving as many free consultations as he can manage. If you would like to speak with him, please contact us or come to the talk. If you have another venue for him to give a talk, please contact us as well.

Not surprisingly, electromagnetic radiation has become the topic of our next theatre production. The first step of creating the show will be collecting testimonials about people’s experiences with electrosensitivity. Let us know if you would like to be part of the creative process! Relevant websites: www.swissharmony.com, www.radiationrescue.org, www.weepinitiative.org Our contact info: Jonathan and Godeliève, 413-625-6569, jonathan@ptco.org, www.ptco.org