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Effective Storytelling

People in organizations need to be able to tell stories - whether it's about their products, their clients, their company or themselves. We tell them all the time with friends: "so I'm waiting for the bus and..." But most of us have never been coached on how to to tell better, more effective stories. Workshop participants will receive coaching on both content and style in a safe environment which allows for rehearsal with and modeling by peers. Jonathan Mirin draws on the work of organizational pioneer Barry Oshry, improvisation master teacher Keith Johnstone and more than 20 years of writing, acting and directing professional theatre to offer a customized experiential workshop full of tools, techniques and ways of thinking about the storyteller - listener relationship that can be put to immediate use.

What People Say...

“Jonathan brings a rare combination of gifts: theater arts, meditation, organization behavior, and just plain common sense . . . [he] has written plays and scenarios dramatically illuminating organizational issues. He did a great service to me in the professional direction he gave to my play Peace."

- Barry Oshry, Organizational Development Pioneer and Chief Theoretical Officer (retired), Power + Systems

"I particularly enjoyed the work on body language, details and ways we can adjust a story for an audience."

- Dan Bahls, Staff Attorney, Community Legal Aid, Springfield

"Making busy people stop and reflect on how they tell stories and interact with others is an important and valuable exercise . . . especially when guided by someone [like Jonathan] who has put a lot of thought into it."

- Community Legal Aid Lawyer, Boston

". . . in a supportive way helped me to see how something as subtle as what we do with our bodies can impact our storytelling . . . I look forward to using the techniques that I learned in future programs and tours that I give. In a short amount of time, Jonathan, demonstrated how much acting techniques can help us become more accomplished storytellers . . . I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking to become a more accomplished speaker . . ."

- Anthony Vaver, Local History Librarian, Westborough MA


". . . very effectively explains how to construct and tell a compelling story and provides anyone needing to tell a story for any purpose how to do so in a most convincing manner. For those within a nonprofit organization needing to tell a motivational story [Jonathan's Storytelling Webinar] is a must see and hear." 

- Thomas R. Giddens, Personal Fundraising Coach, Network for Good 

The Vision Workshop

Often we are so absorbed in our daily emergencies, we don't take the time to remember the vision we're working to achieve. Do you have a vision for your organization? For yourself within the organization? Are you making progress toward your goal? "The Vision Workshop" was designed by Jonathan Mirin as an opportunity for small group coaching around real situations being faced on the job. There are three sections:

  1. Introduction to the laughter-inducing "status work" of improvisation master-teacher Keith Johnstone
  2. Learn key theoretical inputs about "system sight" in organizational life developed by systems thinking pioneer Barry Oshry
  3. Putting No.'s 1 & 2 to work: in groups of three, participants develop their vision for a specific project. Then they rehearse the most difficult conversation that needs to take place to realize their goal and practice strategies that have a higher likelihood of success. Simultaneously, their colleagues get experience with coaching strategies they can take with them. This workshop can be adapted for group sizes from 2 - 45.

What People Say...

“Extremely useful – [made me] think about organizational dynamics in new ways.”

- Joan Whitaker, Director, Action for Boston Community Development Health Services

“. . . helped me experience daily encounters in new, surprising ways.”

- Gaella Elwell, Co-Owner and Founder, South River Miso Company

Leading with Humor

Leaders in organizations often have a well-developed sense of humor - and they need it! But it is often assumed that this sense of humor is some sort of genetic accident. In fact, performers and comedians know that there are techniques and rules for comedy which can be learned and practiced. Drawing on some of the same resources as "The Vision Workshop" but with an enjoyable comic twist, "Leading with Humor" is a workshop during which no one will be watching the clock. Promise.

The Organization Workshop

In 2006, Jonathan Mirin became a Power+Systems Organization Workshop trainer. The Organization Workshop is used by corporations and non-profits across the globe to give employees at every level an experiential understanding of "why things go the way they go" and profound insights about why they don't have to go that way. Power+Systems clients include Microsoft, NASA, the Center for Creative Leadership and Fidelity Investments.

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Massachusetts Bay Organization Development Learning Group

Massachusetts Department of Children and Families

The New York City Public Schools

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