Riding the

Whether you’re looking for entertaining but provocative way to close your conference or an “out-of-the-box” way to introduce trainings in storytelling or personal presence, this acclaimed one person show takes participants on a financial, romantic and spiritual journey through the depths of the tech boom in the late 90’s and out the other side. Riding the is entertainment which also provokes real questions about risk-taking, ethics, and investor behavior. Previously performed at Harvard Business School, New York University’s Stern School of Business and the New York International Fringe Festival. “Mirin… could be the poet laureate of Silicon Valley.” (San Jose Mercury News)

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Inspired by Jonathan Mirin’s 20 year battle with Crohn’s disease, 28 FEET is a comedic, emotional journey about getting sick, getting better, and growing up. The performance blends 18+ characters, live music, puppetry, clowning, stand-up comedy, and an original sound design. 28 FEET has toured nationally and internationally to critical and audience acclaim since its 2010 premiere. Organizational hosts have included pharmaceutical companies and mental health conferences.

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What a Way to Make a Living

Barry Oshry is a pioneer in the field of systems thinking and the methodologies he’s developed for Power+Systems have been incorporated by companies of all sizes across the globe. His musical comedy about organizational life  is the perfect way to introduce the topsy-turvy world of tops, middles, bottoms and customers to your organization – or reinforce the experiences they have already had in an Organization Workshop.

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