Cell Tower Documentary, Monday, June 16 in Shelburne Falls; Hearing on 6/17

6/16: Multi-award winning documentary screening: “Full Signal: The Full Signal Poster2Hidden Cost of Cell Phones” at Mocha Maya’s, 47 Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls at 6:30 pm, followed by info session including simple precautions people can take to protect themselves from electrosmog, the effects of wireless communication and cell towers on children and wildlife, and a preview of what life might be like in a future without land lines envisioned by AT&T, Verizon and others.

Full Signal features leading scientists who have devoted their careers to studying the biological effects of wireless communication. It also looks at the lawmakers, activists and lawyers fighting to regulate antenna placement. Neurologist Dr. Leif Sanford has described the global mobile phone network as “the world’s largest biological experiment ever.” The screening is safe to attend for people suffering from electro-hypersensitivity.

AT&T has been building out its’ network of antennas in the Hilltowns and is scheduled to present a proposal to Shelburne’s Zoning Board of Appeals for a new 100 foot cell tower, which they would like to hide in a fake, over-sized barn silo, on Colrain-Shelburne Road in an apple orchard overlooking Route 2 on Tuesday, 6/17 at 7 pm in Memorial Hall, 51 Bridge Street in Shelburne. Click here for our resources page and to sign the petition to be delivered to the ZBA.