Bee Friendly Towns

What is a Bee Friendly Town?

06162013_Piti Theater at Jardin Botanique_Jo and Go68“Bee Friendly Town” is a designation for a community that has met certain benchmarks of hospitality towards its’ pollinators. Download our Bee Friendly Town Certification guidelines by clicking here.

– Reduce pesticide and herbicide use and creating incentives for reductions by local businesses

– Increase the amount of pollinator-friendly habitat

– Reduce electromagnetic pollution through public education and town ordinance/planning (wi-fi, cell phone towers, etc.)

– Hold annual awareness-raisin’, action-takin’ pro-pollinator events like “Bee Weeks

Why become a bee-friendly town?

Honeybee, native bee and pollinator populations world wide are in decline.logo friendly bee townflat Many native bee species have already disappeared. The personal and financial health of most human communities depend on pollination, a requirement for many of the fruits, vegetables and grains we currently grow to feed ourselves – not to mention the value of species in and for themselves.

By becoming bee friendly and installing appropriate signage and a bee-friendly town logo on your town’s marketing materials (and those of its’ partners) visitors and residents will know that they have arrived in a community that values the environment, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and the health of its’ citizens, both large and small. Our vision is a world-wide network of local governments sharing inspiration and best practices.

How do I become a bee-friendly town?

Download the guidelines! We would love you to play a role in helping this initiative bloom! Individuals and organizations are invited to become Bee Friendly Town Coordinators who will collaborate with us to:

– bring bee-positive revenue into your community

– connect local stakeholders in new ways

– build social capital

– raise awareness about environmental concerns affecting pollinators

Contact us for details at info”at” or (413) 625 – 6569.

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