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3 mp3′s from To Bee or Not to Bee (Joyful Bee Song, Dizzy Bee and Queen Bee) for $3 – $5. Recorded live by singer/songwriter Carrie Ferguson during our interview on WBUR’s All Things Considered

Sliding Scale


Hand painted one of a kind clothing for children (and larger people) by Godeliève Richard

  • original paintings on organic cotton or pre-worn (washable!) clothing. Depending on the elmer-beeleeweecomplexity of the image, prices range from $20 – $250 + the cost of the item – you can send it to us or we can buy it for you.

High-quality, home-made, Swiss-made skin nourishment by Godeliève Richard

(* = organic)

  • Lip balm (for peaceful lips) with: olive oil* infused with comfrey, beeswax , Swiss honey, lavender essential oil. $10
  • Crème parfaite! (“Perfect cream” for use on all parts of the body – moisturizing, repairing, and generally nourishing) with sunflower oil* infused with calendula, beeswax, coconut oil*, distilled water, rosewater*, aloe vera*, lavender essential oil . Small: $20, Large: $30.
  • Healing balm (for your chest, throat, sinus and around the ear when you have a cough, cold, ear infection) with: olive oil* infused with rosemary and lavender, beeswax, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils

Swiss Harmony

logoAfter 3 horrendous years of ill-health, Piti Theatre co-founder Godeliève Richard realized she was electro-hypersensitive. We went to a Swiss clinic that has experience treating this condition (sadly, currently only in Sweden and Austria are doctors trained to recognize EHS). The doctor we saw recommended Swiss Harmony and . . . it’s been a huge help. Now we have made a show about electromagnetic radiation called Innocenzo and have trained as Swiss Harmony consultants This means that we can help you understand Swiss Harmony products, come to your house and do a free consultation, etc. Also, customers who use coupon code jogo1602 at checkout will receive a $10 per item discount and Piti Theatre will receive at least 10% of the total sale price. You don’t have to be electro-hypersensitive to benefit from reducing your exposure to electrosmog! One of our favorite websites about the risks of “today’s tobacco” is the Bioinitiative Report which collects thousands of independent reseach studies and distills them into categories like “Alzheimer’s Disease and Breast Cancer”, “Leukemia” and “Genotoxic Effects”. You can go to our Swiss Harmony webpage by clicking here or visit

DVD’s of Our Shows . . . shot live and in HD

How to purchase?

Email info”at” with your name, address, and request. We will send you an email allowing payment with Paypal or you can send a check to: Piti Theatre Company, 280 Colrain-Shelburne Rd., Shelburne, MA 01370.