Bee Week Basics

What is a Bee Week?

A Bee Week is a collection of bee and pollinator related activities organized in a community during a specific week of the year. Activities may include:

- Documentary screenings (examples: Queen of the Sun, Vanishing of the Bees and More than Honey)

- Theatre residencies and performances (in schools and/or for the public)

- Talks and roundtable discussions with beekeepers and other experts (entomologists, scientists who study pesticides/herbicides, biodiversity, electromagnetic radiation, organic lawn care experts, etc. )

- Community planting day(s) where people plant flowers that bees like/need, bee gardens in public and private spaces

- Your local library highlighting pollinator-related resources

- Your idea goes here!

Why hold a Bee Week?

Honeybee, native bee and pollinator populations world wide are in decline. Many native bee species have already disappeared. The personal and financial health of most human communities depend on pollination, a requirement for many of the fruits, vegetables and grains we currently grow to feed ourselves – not to mention the value of species in and for themselves.

By putting a range of activities under one umbrella, bee weeks catalyze community conversation and media attention. There is “something for everyone” and everyone has a chance to help the situation improve in their backyard, on their windowsill and in community spaces. Local organizations are also encouraged to help their communities become “Bee Friendly Towns.”

corngrowingchildrensmallWho is organizing?

Piti Theatre Company, the creators of the international touring theatre production “To Bee or Not to Bee” is using a successful model developed with Maine’s Mahoosuc Arts Council to hold “Bethel Bee Week” in March, 2013.

How can you be part of a Bee Week? 

Piti Theatre Company is happy to organize a Bee Week in your town, work with you to organize one or hear about how yours went! As we continue collaborating with more towns and environmental stewards, we are eager to share ideas with anyone around the globe who wants to lend pollinators a hand, er, wing.

Bethel Bee Week Thanks
To the Editor:
The first-ever Bethel Bee Week was truly amazing. It brought together all ages and all parts of the community to join in becoming aware of the importance of honeybees through arts and community activities that built new relationships among people and local organizations.
A project of this scope takes a lot of support and commitment. It started as just a musical “To Bee or Not to Bee” by the Piti Theatre of Shelburne Falls, Mass., that was going to be present by the arts council. A few conversation started the momentum that ending up “bee-coming” a week-long set of events with an elementary theater residency, bee expo, expert bee talks, and lasting work to be done to the G.O.T. Farms and Crescent Park gardens with perennial bee perimeters.
I would like to thank those whose passion for the arts, the environment, community development resulted in what we hope will become an annual event unique to Bethel . . . Finally, thanks to the Piti Theatre Company for bringing a top quality arts education program to our community.
With full support from every part of the community, a new event has been born one- that has potential to become one of those unique events which makes our Most Beautiful Village so well known, building quality of place and a stronger economy. Kudos to all and many thanks!
Aranka Matolcsy, Executive Director and the Mahoosuc Arts Council Board of Directors


To Bee or Not to Bee in Bethel, Maine