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A network of individuals across Western Massachusetts and New England dedicated to protecting the environmental health of our region

Scroll down for resources about protecting your community from the rollout of 5G technology.

Services we provide include:

- measurement of electrosmog (EMF) in homes and businesses and advice about lowering exposure levels (Download a pdf of preventive measures)

- giving talks and presentations about the health and environmental risks related to EMF exposure

- Consulting with town officials about making communities less vulnerable to 5G “small cell” applications (see below)

- producing and presenting music, performances and videos that address environmental health issues.

- Consultations on Swiss Harmony products (click for more)

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A current focus of Hilltown Health is collaborating with town officials to update the by-laws of communities in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts to reflect the town’s position on the 5G cellular network now being tested in cities around the U.S.

Not familiar with the issues? Start with this article in The Nation.

Sign the petition urging MA local elected officials to get informed and update their by-laws

20597273_138858626709326_4104557177904567965_nWhy is this important?

Towns with “outdated” telecommunications by-laws (meaning they just address cell towers but not “small cells”, DAS, etc.) will be in trouble if they get a “small cell” application from Verizon, AT&T etc. because they won’t be able to update their statutes fast enough to beat the “shot clock” the FCC has put into place for how quickly towns need to respond to carrier applications. Then any subsequent applications will get the same green light because other carriers can plead “discrimination” if they are handled differently.antenna outside

In fact, citizens and town leaders around the country are mobilizing to stop and slow down the roll out of 5G because:

- There has been no testing for health effects

- Initial studies show the potential for serious environmental and biological harm

- The SPEED Act (S.1988) now in Congress and the FCC are both in favor of stripping towns of their zoning rights and “home rule”; the idea is to be able to place an antenna every hundred yards (ie, millions of new antennas) from any lightpole or other structure in the right of way with minimal or no community input wireless-power

- global warming will be accelerated by the electricity demands of storing and re-selling everyone’s personal data generated from the “internet of things” along with the power required to generate microwave radiation from all our connected objects (doritos bags, basketballs, clothing, vacuums, ice scrapers, etc.)

- Having a cell antenna in your front yard, besides endangering your family’s health, will reduce your property value. baby awake

Download a color fact sheet with clickable links

Download a printable b/w fact sheet

Randolph, MA 5G Sample Ordinance

Email from Weston (a town that waited too long to update their by-laws)

Legal Alert Urging Towns to Begin Coalition-Building re: 5G

“Be Careful What You Wish For: 5G and the Hilltowns”, humorous essay

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